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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  March 24, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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rain soaking the streets. and flooding brings traffic to a standstill. >> we've got team coverage of the wicked weather from the south to the north bay, the peninsula, the east bay. this are few dry spots left and our crews are checking out the damage for you. >> let's begin with the santa cruz mountains. and just moments ago, crews opening a road blocked for days by that rock slide. >> reporter: you're right. there are about 400 who use this road. conference drive has just reopened minutes ago after a landslide forced to close for 30 hours. this cleanup is over. now another one begins. for this homeowner, her decision to make tea in her kitchen around 10:00 this morning quite possibly saved her life. a huge tree slammed in to her home splitting it in half. >> arrived on the scene, the woman had already got p herself
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out of the kitchen. not a bit of damage. the door opened and she walked right out. >> reporter: crews are trying to salvage what they can. >> we're trying to get stuff where water is starting to come into rooms, moving a k350comput heirlooms. >> it's a nice wooden home and it's a shame. it's destroyed. just right down the middle. >> reporter: the crushed home is on nelson road near scotts valley. only about a mile away from this rock slide that has trapped people in 33 homes. they must now use this soggy path to get in and out. work to clear this slide is delayed. today geologists inspected it and said it is still moving. living in the santa cruz mountains, people here expect to live with power outages, some flooding, even some slides. but the storm still springs surprises. this home was built embracing
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nature. now nature has given these homeowners an eviction notice. and motorists here say they are so happy this road has just reopened. you see a car going by right now because they had to take another path that took an additional 20 to 30 minutes for some just to get to wroork or into town. this isn't the only area that has been pummeled. let's go to marin county for that part of the story. >> reporter: if it's a steady stream of rain here in the north bay, but as you can see, the rain has stopped. but as you can see, there are sand bags out just in case. but earlier today, the wind was howling causing big problems. it will take a while for crews to clear this massive tree. the danger of trees falling and flooding streets is why shore line unified school district decided it close four schools,
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including west marin and in-verness. hills turning to rivers and strong winds covering another tree to come crashing down on this home in north bay city. >> standing here when the tree came down, thankfully it the roof broke its fall. >> reporter: another tree giving way to saturated soil, this douglas fir taking out a string of utility poles leaving a small community without power. >> every resident is without power now. maybe a third of our residents have no phone service. >> reporter: with all the devastation in the north bay, some folks are enjoying the rain. >> i love the rain. i have no problem. it keeps us green. >> reporter: and you're not flooding? >> no, my house isn't. i'm up on the mountain, so no have a problem with the rain. >> reporter: well, at least the rain has stopped for now. but danger is still lurking in
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the will hills. the danger of mudslides. we'll have an update on that the part of the story coming up at 11:00 tonight. i sherrill herd, nbc bay area news. in video just in, the results of a successful river rescue in san jose. a man was seen in the guadalupe river near southbound 87. he was spotted by a passer by. he was in the water for more than an hour before the rescuers were able to access him. he was then transported to a local hospital for evaluations. no word yet on how he got into the water. >> some of our roadways felt like rivers to lots of people, lots of white knuckle driving. commuters say they experienced some of the worst driving conditions they've ever faced here in the bay area. for that reason, we brought in our traffic expert, he'll update the road closures and delays for you in a moment.
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>> we also have jeff ranieri tracking the storm. i believe it's 19 of the past 24 days we've had rain in the bay area. this seems like the worst day of area. >> a ton of rain here for us. d wh we talk about flash d flooding, it is just that. it hapnsn i a flash. so nobody rnlly needs to by nearny kind of bney of water or water ways as we head throughout tonight. we're talking about quick rising dtewain manyteareas. t just the regions where you have t se flash flood warnings in place. and we've seen it all today, the rain, the wind, the hail. and also the isolated flooding. there it is as it started to get going around 10:00 this morning and continues as the strongest rain heads to the south. we are starting to see things weaken a little bit in terms of the rainfall intensity. that's good good news. but we're still under flash flooding concerns down here? n. san mateo county. this river is at flood stage. something to monitor very closely. we have also just learned the
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flash flood warning has expired in the santa cruz area for the san lorrenzo river. however, this is still a region of big time concern. we could still see flash flood warnings issued yet again later on tonight. a lot of the heaviest rainfall has moved on out, some good news at least in santa cruz right now. still moderate rainfall across the east bay and all of this water really ponding up on many of the roadways from san jose right into san bruno. and not only the wet weather, but look at these wind gusts. some of my top wind gusts today. loews glos gat ocht s, 72, nort bay 44 miles per hour wind gusts. some of the worst damages. rainfall totals, impressive, one to two inches. we've seen stronger storms with more rain recently, but it's just because we've had so many
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storms back to back that there really hasn't been much in the way of relief and that's where our traffic man is monitoring the conditions. mike, i saw it all today on the way to work. traffic accidents, water up a couple feet. it's nasty. >> horrible all morning and as the rain totals built, so did the problems. rain caused all kinds of traffic trouble around the bay through the morning and continuing how westbound 580. look at this video. it was a parking lot in oakland near park boulevard. flooding closed as many as three lanes at a time bringing traffic to a crawl. but look at it this now going on here live in oakland, we'll take crawl because it's barely moving at all coming up past the coliseum. reason being, there is flooding still going on and the closure of two lanes northbound at 23rd will continue i'm told until 10:30. maybe even longer. there's a lot of potholes reported. big backups all the way up. so 238 southbound over to westbound 580 is your alternate.
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we'll send it back to you guys. >> obviously all the rain is making it as you saw just down right up safe to get around which of course is keeping the chp very busy. after days of rain, there's just no way for the water to go. officers say they had to deal with 60 accidents just today. >> about 5:00 this morning until now, we've had approximately 60 traffic collisions. some include property damage, some injuries. also hail this morning on 280. >> so this is the warning going out, slow down. use your wipers. and also give yourself more lead time to get wherever you're going. >> and no texting while you're driving for sure. just ahead, the latest in the barry bondss perjury trial
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and of course our extensive weather coverage continues. and in oakland, sand bags are at the ready. this wild weather is causing plenty of problems. i'll have a live report coming up. also coming up, we'll show you how bay area technology plugs in to the storm and how a company is protecting you and your home from mudslides. and a live look right now into the sierra. whiteout conditions. these are the truckee scales. i-80 east bound and westbound are closed. we'll check in live in the high country on what thihever m fea atwensror m fnsououav ytrr el analavche danger there. al
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welcome back. live pictures in the santa cruz mountains. from flooding to rock vislides, the nasty weather is causing
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chaos. >> new technology being tested here in the bay area, business and tech reporter scott budman is live to show how technology being used. >> reporter: this is a sensor, the u.s. geological society is plugging into the dirt along hillsides like this one. they're measuring along with computers the range saturation. it's cool technology aiming to keep you safe. when rain pounds the hillside, fear of landslides is paramount on the minds of nearby residents. also's also when the u.s. geological survey springs into action. >> this is all data that's streaming from sensors in the ground. >> reporter: they're better known for tracking earthquakes, but even if a meager budget of $10,000 a year, they're able to measure how dangerous rainfall can be.
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>> it will tell us when water begins to accumulate. >> reporter: the in-bround sensors accumulate by cell signal to usgs computers which show how saturated ground is. >> if enough water accumulates, you generate that, you generate a landslide. >> reporter: for now, it's xan peerment an experiment. if it work, you may get advanced notice before the hill starts to slide. >> we can have a much better chance of forecasting when people are in danger of landslides. and that's our goal. >> reporter: the experiment is on going. the smaller sensors are located throughout the bay area. the larger sensors you saw in the story, there's one in marin
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county, one in south san francisco. reporting live, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> so the technology side of thing, and then also the good old fashioned sand bags. crews and families working oversight, correct, to try to clean up this mess left behind by the storm in. >> reporter: that's right. i'm at oakland public works headquarters. they have a big pile of sand bags at the ready for residents to pick up here. localized flooding, mudslides and downed trees. we've seen it all today. >> there's a lot of water. the streets are almost like a chocolate brown river. there is just so much dirt and soil coming down off the hills. >> reporter: the oakland hills became a muddy mess as nonstop rain caused soggy slopes to come sliding down. take a look at this scene at shepherd cannon. muddy water swept this car down
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the road. the driver had to be helped to safety. it caused treacherous conditions on the highways, too. traffic backed up for almost an hour. but perhaps the biggest problem, toppling trees. this big red wood fell on power lines in oakland's mount claire district. we talked to a man who says that tree almost fell on top of him. >> i know i'm lucky. i'm here. >> reporter: people who live here got lucky, too. they weren't home when a regrazed their house. our camera got so wet our lens fogged up. >> you don't expect to happen. if we were home, i'm not sure how we would have reacted to something like that. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you can see there is a pile of sand bags ready for residents to pick about up, but it's not just residents that are using these.
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city crews had to sand bag today because of leakage problems and floodings. but crews stress this is not a crisis situation. jo jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jeff, you've been looking at all the counties. >> and we still have the flash flood warning in san mateo county the heaviest rain has pushed to the south and east. we'll take you in to san mateo county, flash flood warning in effect for pescadero creek. this is something to monitor very, very closely. the river is at 12 feet at about flood stage and we do want to reiterate while we're not looking at wide flooding, so
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pescadero creek, we're talking about water that could carry you away and very quickly if you got 00 close to that water, flooding is one of the leading killers. moderate rainfall back here in the east bay still with us from concord to danville. also for those of you in oakland and san francisco. and while we have the storm system with us today, we'll start to see some periods of drying. however, go have some weekend rain on tap expected to move in here friday and saturday. tomorrow mid to upper 40s for the east east and south bay. and then by 11:00 and noon, we won't see too much warming with temperatures in the low to mid-50s with gray skies and scattered showers remaining. tonight not any widespread rainfall. it will gradually clear out. we'll just have to be on the
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lookout here for isolated scattered rainfall. it's going to be in pockets, though. we're not expecting the next widespread band of rainfall to move in until about friday night. about right now we're look at about a half inch, maybe close to an inch. we'll have a small respite before we get in on the weaker system for saturday. however, one thing we are noting and picking up on is the wind. it will stay gusty here tonight, also for friday night and saturday morning with the ground saturated. you know the drill. more trees could be coming down, so don't let your guard down even though the skies are clearing. >> all right, jeff. so much rain here means lots of snow in the see rare. official there is are asking ski buffs stay home tonight and they're even warning about the potential for snow packed roofs to collapse. more on the near whiteout conditions. mike, you're getting pummeled
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out there. >> reporter: look at these pictures. extreme snow. stranded big rigs. that guy hasn't gone anywhere for hours because this snow is so deep. the interstate behind me, you're not going to see anything driving over that overpass because the interstate is shut down. it will remain shut down until at least midnight tonight. but there's also another warning going out tonight. take a look at how heavy and how deep the snow is on top of those roofs. some of the weekend cabins are literally becoming buried in snow and officials are issuing a warning to the tahoe weekend getaway crowd. stranded trucks, crunched cars, whiteout conditions. pg&e crews hiking to reach powerout damages and a mini avalanche that blocked parts of interstate 80. check this out, this is the number two lane of interstate 80. a snow slide.
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making snow hip deep. these pictures show how severe the weather has been. these pictures, this weather sparking the usual warning to avoid sierra travel. >> go home. go home, go somewhere, get off the hill. >> reporter: but also today, a not so common warning to the weekend homeowners. >> this are special conditions that certain individuals will never experience. >> reporter: emergency officials say there is so much snow now burying some homes that the potential exists for the weight of the snow to crack gas lines. residents snow the obvious danger that can create. >> they would below up if you can't get that ventilation. >> if you can't get the ventilation, yeah. so it is a concern. >> reporter: take a look at how much snow is on the ground.
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this is one of those snow piles. hip deep snow right now. if you are trying to get up this way, this is what's going to happen. you're going to get stuck. not only here, but down by where they have the road closed. interstate 80 closed until at light midnight. may not open until sometime tomorrow morning. live in a very snowy extreme weather situation here, back to you. >> what are the resorts saying about closures and expectations for the mountainses for skiers? >> caller: well, early on today, they started having issues with interstate 80, and by that time the ski resorts knew that travel up here was too dangerous. a lot of them closed early and i think the decision tomorrow will come down to when are they going to be able to reopen the interstate. if they can get it open midnight tonight, then i'm sure they want to be open tomorrow because these are the words of one
6:22 pm
recent department up here epic skiing and snowboarding conditions. but if they're waiting up tomorrow to open the road, you might want to hold off until later friday to make your run. >> all right, mike. you have to be a good skier to ski in those kind of conditions. >> and when the weather clear, yes, these will be epic ski conditions. next week might be per. still ahead, a pen that cuts with a knife from the budget. and a live look from the san mateo toll plaza. i'll show you where we may be paying for it all night on your commute, as well. >> and dealing with power outageses when the services help keep people alive. a n hhareowrmy share how they functioned today despite all the bad weather.
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budget movement in
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sacramento as the governor signed in to law billions of dollars to cuts to state services closing a significant chunk of the deficit. the governor says it is too late to get a bipartisan vote to put the tax extension measure on the june 7th balance hot, but still aiming for sometime later in june. . democrats hope today's cuts will be must have to meet the republicans halfway on getting those tax extensions on the ballot and letting people decide whether they want them or not. today's cut sliced about $8 billion from education, transportation and health and human services. but also signed $3 billion in borrowing and loan extensions. the high profile trial continues. it's day four of the barry bonds perjury trial and today barry bonds' defense team went on the offensive trying to poke holes in the prosecution's case. hat morrison is covering the case for us and joins us live. first of all, what stood out for you today?
6:26 pm
i know you were in that courtroom. take it away. >> reporter: his former business partner finished his testimony and the interesting thing out of there was we learned he paid $10,000 for an attorney when both were being investigated in 2003. once hoskins was gone, we had a long day of science. the chief science officer for the anti-doping agency dr. jeffrey bell took the stand. very precise as he laid out just exactly what steroids are, several classes of them, and sxat effethe effects. the defense countered how you can say the effects whens they're not a medical doctor. when the trial resumes monday, we'll see testimony from kimberly bell. and it will be the sizzle factor of the trial, but so far i woulded say that the bonds defense has been doing a request job in the first week.
6:27 pm
>> kimberly bell the alleged mistress, that will be a sizzle factor like you said. describe the scene. barry bonds flanked by home lawyers some. >> you look at the defense team, there was as many as 12 people, three att aneysnd nine associates or however many of them are actually attorney, i couldn't tell you. but the prosecution has two attorneys and a couple associates. much more upbeat thursday as opposed to earlier in the week in terms of the confidence maybe of both the defense and the family members. so i think bonds is feeling pretty good about how things are going. >> very good. thank you pep. the man accused of gunning down chauncey bailey takes the stand. the important role he plays in putting others behind bars for the killing. . and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. the interstates, highways looking like a parking lot from the heavy rain, the ponding water and also the gusty winds. details on when all of this
6:28 pm
clears out coming up. >> reporter: all this wet weather is causing lots of coming up. al
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today's wick weather, digging out may take a few days. some are struggling to get back into their houses. >> we continue team coverage. we have a look at the tough driving conditions near the san mateo bridge. and mike is keeping his eye on the trouble spots and jeff is giving us reports throughout the afternoon and now into the evening. jeff, the latest news thousand with tropical force winds? >> yeah, that's right, tropical storm force winds. over 70 miles per hour happening in the south bay. san francisco with a 50-mile-an-hour wind gust and
6:31 pm
napa over 30. that wind gust los gatos, over 30-miles-per-hour for over in an hour for some cases. we're still watching flash flooding concerns. this way evacuations earlier. over # 00 people impacted. some people heading to the shelter there. while the flash flood warning has expired, take a look at this, we're tracking some heavier rainfall right near the coastline. and once that heads over the river, it will rise again. so we could see flash flood again.s on and off also a warning connues c for thu pescadero creek. that may be extended here, but anyone living near the pescadero creek needs to watch it vy closely. the river is currently at flood stage. now, in terms of the north bay, the worst weather has mauved to the south, so you're getting
6:32 pm
much needed drying right now. for most of you. however, in the east bay, we still continue with very slow moving moderate rainfall. and even some pockets of heavier rainfall in the south bay. we'll talk about another storm coming our way and really the wind impacts could be the largest thing with so many power lines and trees already weak. s >> thank you, jeff. earlier we told you about a river rescue, so be careful near any of these bodies of water. we want to bring in elyse now. >> people are just 14ri7 ship sliding all over the place. >> reporter: chp tells me on a typical day they respond to about 10 accidents. today they saw about 60 and all were weather related. 40-miles-per-hour wind gusts
6:33 pm
whipping around boats and on local bridges, cars getting pushed around. to rain drenches city streets and local roadways. >> pretty slow. >> reporter: motorists are forced to slow down, yet another major storm pounding the bay area. >> i've been already down to san jose and back, so i've sign a couple accidents. >> reporter: on highway 101, traffic seemed to go smoothly. despite the heavy downpours. >> you just have to slow down a lot and look out for how much space you've got in front of you. >> reporter: and with one to two inches of rain expected over the next 24 to 48 hours, drivers are hoping for a break soon. >> i just am looking forward to see something sun again pretty soon. it's been going on so long. >> reporter: and as this rain continues, krcht chsa tysake it andak give yourself plenty of
6:34 pm
time. let's show you this, another landslide, it's closed a second portion of highway 1 in it month ter ray county. that road ised sch ruled to reon around s 7:30 this evening. ththis is e second road closure acon higsuay 1. h cess to th big sur area haso been closed since last h week's road collapse. that is near the bixby bridge. it is slow going on the roads, so if you're expecting someone, put it in the microwave. mike can talk to us about the traffic troubles. >> first of all let's show what we've been tracking since 4:30 this morning. this is in the north bay. check it out, car. the flooding shot courtesy of the lucky drive exit from highway 101. similar conditions in oakland. northbound side basically at a
6:35 pm
stand still as you're coming past the coliseum. at 23rd, two lanes blocked because of flooding and also a lot of potholes reported. they may take advantage and repair that. closures until 10:30. use 580 as your alternate. 680 very slow, as well coming out of free month. a slow drive out of san jose over towards the grade because of the traffic building up on # 880, as well. earlier in the day, marin county was the trouble spot. right now it's the peninsula, the storm knocking out power. >> san mateo hardest hit with about 3300 outages there. 800 in sunny dale, 400 in the east bay. the h. mofs most in the north bay has been restored, but still 400 that don't have their power. throughout the dayase'vee've be
6:36 pm
seeing some serious damage going on. how can people work without power? how do you stay hope? >> we manage. we filling when we know how to add and we know how to subtract. >> four schools in in the area had to be shut down today because of flooding concerns. not sure what's going to happen yesterday tomorrow. >> most likely right outside of your window you probably have a wet of weather stories and ather damage. the pictures have been amazing throughout tnhe bay area. floonghi on ts road shannon at kennedy in the south nbay. this is from one of our crew members. the streets, look at that, looks like a river runs right through it. we'd like you to be part of our weather coverage. if you have any great weather pictures, send them to us via e-mail, weather >> and this ought to take your breath away. they're whiteout conditions, giving and you live look at the
6:37 pm
trukee scales. very treacherous. the storm has brought traffic to a standstill in many areas. highway 80 closed from coal fax to applegate. we'll have a live report on why you'll want to think twice before heading that direction. that will be around 6:45. still ahead, how thieves managed to steal rifles from a sheriff's department. plus a pivotal day in the chauncey bailey murder trial. the man who confessed takes the tap. what he told jurors. and a live look outside. we'll send it over to jeff. a lot of traffic, but things seem to be slowing down in terms of the weather. >> certainly we're starting to see of the hmoes tveut o,ai out,ut b more rain and wind on p tap. your full-time line in minutes.
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someone stole semi-automatic rifles from to sheriffs vehicles. the pickup trucks were parked in a locked garage. the investigators say someone pried open the lock, broke the truck's windows and then stole two rifles and along with ammo. two high profile trials in the bay area. we already it told but barry bonds. now chauncey bailey. the confessed kill took the witness stand today. he's of itting for the prosecution against two others accused in the crime. he began by describing how a fellow prison inmate directed him to your black muslim bakery owned by one of the defendants. bay is accused of ordering bailey's killing. mackey is accused of helping carry out the murder. the case hinges on his credibility. >> if me personally, he's very
6:41 pm
legitimate. he's a very big guy and he was around some people that may not have been the best influence on him. >> when you see him unders cross c examination, you'll see this is somebody who says whatever people want him to say if it benefits him. >> he's expected to be on the stand for at least one more day. the police is hoping that $100,000 reward will help them solve a heartbreaking 17-year-old cold case. matthew flores was just starting life as an engineer in the bay area with his wife an instant baby girl. the 26-year-old was shot execution style in the back of the head just beyond security cameras in a parking lot. >> immediately upon being discharged from the army, he was hired by applied materials and was sent out here for his initial training with the company. he was in his ninth day with the company when he was shot and
6:42 pm
killed in the parking lot. >> the police department showed an up solved mysteries segment to the gat gathered reports. jeff, back with us now, flash flood warning, power outage, 12 straight days of rain. we are in seattle. >> yeah, a lot happening out this. >> and jeff is sleep last. >> certainly. our camera is windy, but, yes, that is a little bit of clearing. we'll tell you when we'll get much needed drying and a lot more sunshine in a few minutes. >> and the injury news for the giants takes a turn for the worse. cody ross walking around with a protective boot and a crutch. the as naming their ongni pe day starter. sports coming up. d
6:43 pm
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there's a large chunk of people celebrating this weather, the skiers and snowboarders and the lake take shhoe resorts. joining us from our nbc lifeline now from the heavenly valley ski resort. good evening and, first of all, i'm guessing you guys are grinning ear to ear. your ski season just got extended. >> i'm loving this weather. it is absolutely whiteout soft powder right now.
6:45 pm
>> so here's the question. i 08 is closed right now. are you expecting massive crowds with spring break coming up? >> there are people that are dying for these conditions. we haven't had snow like this in years. it's light, powdery, per if he can conditions. this storm has been perfect. it set us up for a great spring. we have events coming up where people will love these conditions. >> how many runs, do you think all the runs will be open and is there any danger that some of the other areas there might be a potential for avalanche? >> luckily we have 94 runs, 4800 acres. we is have a ton of mountain space and really something for everyone. we have the tubing hill adventure, all these places open. and we do watch carefully. or ski pa control is careful about making conditions are
6:46 pm
safe. just pay attention to the signs and make sure that we know that we've checked those areas before they go especially back country. yeah, we'll just have to wait until tomorrow until we see what comes through tonight with this storm. >> thanks for your time joining us live on the phone from heavenly valley. and if you can get there once the weather settles down, some amazing skiing conditions. we'll ski through april. >> let's ask jeff when we expect those weather conditions to improve. >> sunday night and monday, things will get a lot better for you. but a major and quick blast of wind, rain and hail and lightning today. i'll pull up my estimated rainfall. where you see the bright colors popping, the brightest colors is where we had some of the heaviest rainfall. santa cruz mountains, peninsula and even for the east bay. so really what centered from the east bay down to the south bay
6:47 pm
where they did pick up anywhere between one it three everyoneses of rainfall in 18 hours. that's why we had the flash flooding. and we're still concerned on some of our local creek, rivers and streams. moderate rainfall across the peninsula. the biggest concern is santa cruz, 800 peoplesis an san lorr. we can see more around wa rnings tonight. pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall. so if you live in and around that region, you'll need to monitor those conditions closely. also through this hour, a flash flood warning extended for san mateo county for the pescadero creek currently at flood stage at this point. so let's he gget you the latest. the worst of the weather has moved to the south. the authority bay is drying out. the ground getting much needed
6:48 pm
drying. east bay still finding moderate rainfall from danville to hayward. slow to move along with the traffic out there. so take it slow. a pocket of very heavy rainfall for morgan hill and gilroy, more water could be rising very quickly. so do not be heading out near the water to catch a view of this quick rising water because it certainly could take you away very, very quickly. flash flooding one of the leading killers when it comes on weather. meanwhile friday we'll see isolated rainfall, pockets of drying. and then by saturday, another system coming our way. here is the storm system we had today. that will push off toward the east and what we'll find is a weaker system as we head into this weekend for more rain and also more periods of some rain. so 7:00 p.m. tonight, we're finding this scattered rainfall that will continue to push to the south. by 11:00 p.m., not too much left on the radar, so we'll start to get in on more drying.
6:49 pm
scattered rainfall lingering right into our forecast. it's not until 11:00 p.m. on friday that we start to see the next round of wet weather going our way and it looks to produce about a half inch to an inch. so not a lot, not a major storm, but we still would need to watch for isolated flooding concerns. and winds still ramped up there. also friday night and saturday morning that could write down more power lines and also trees. so even though the skies may be clear, if we get a strong wind gust, it could bring down a power pole or tree, even in sunny weather. seven day forecast, much needed drying coming monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and, yes, close to 70 on thursday. >> are you tired? >> no, give me more. bring it on. >> let's get to sports. good evening. giants have a night game.
6:50 pm
first pitch this a few minutes as they host the indians. we don't know if brian wilson will start the season on the disabled list. it's 50/50. but that's where cody ross is likely headed. yesterday ross strained his right calf, he'll be out for at least three weeks. an mcht ri showing enough of a tear in the muscle to put ross in a protective boot before he starts rehabbing next week. so now comes the shuffle. and there are several options. perhaps torez slides over to right from center and row an is the opening day center fielder. the big question is will brandon belt start the season at first with huff in the outfield. huff is headed out there for the next couple of days. keep in mind the giants will be the in the middle of that opener against the dodgers in l.a. the home opener two fridays from now. today they showed off what's new, specifically the grub. a set of gluten-free options.
6:51 pm
the show time crew was also out there talking about their show with the giants. they do try to add a few new surprises. here's one for when they get their world series rings. >> it has the ability to wear a uniform with gold lettering, so for this night only, the team will wear gold lettered uniform that will just make the night even that much more special. >> here is something giants fans won't want to miss. saturday in prime time, we've got an hour long documentary taking you behind the scenes at spring training, poised for a repeat is the name of the program and it is deep insight from the giants s in their ow words and how this spring training has been one of the most important camps for them ever. again, saturday, 7:00 p.m., we bring you poised for a repeat. we also have the giants day game against the reds right here on nbc bay area at 3:00. the as open their season at home next bring. the division rival mariners will
6:52 pm
be in oakland and the all-star getting the starting nod. trevor cahill got 18 wins last year. manager saying cahill is his opening day starter. the original idea was that either bret anderson or gonzalez would be tstarter, about an monday's game rained out altering the starters. the as, one run yesterday, but exploding for 15 times that today. oakland mate difference tnative another strong outing. complete coverage of the giants along with the as, it's sports net central nightly at 10:30. and really looking forward to bringing you poised for a repeat this saturday night. >> what time is it again? >> 7:00.
6:53 pm
>> what time again? >> prime time, 7:00. don't miss it. >> thanks. still ahead, you are in luck if you were late to the party. thf oer o of one of san francisco's most popular tradition say there's some spots open. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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divided by the disaster in
6:56 pm
japan, finally reunited in san jose p. only on nbc bay area news, a journey of self discovery and survived an experience thousands of others did not. >> devastating and the worst thing i've ever seen. so i just kind of stayed and watched for a little while. >> and emotional journey unfolding on television tonight. what happened when the quake hit and when the sea started surging toward her town. our nbc news crew helped reunite her with her family after the earthquake and tsunami. tonight her incredible only at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you missed out on signing up for beta breaker, you have another chance. organizers opened up another 5,000 spots. this is 100th anniversary for
6:57 pm
the event. also this year remember alcohol and floats are banned and heavy fencing will be in it place to keep you out of the places where you're not supposed to be. it is now facebook official. mark zuckerberg is in a relationship as the founder of facebook, would you have thought he would have updated his relationship status a long time ago, but we won't go there. seven years after starting a relationship with priscilla chan, zuckerberg has finally gotten around to announcing that they're an item. tonight he's updated his status to in a relationship. before we go, want to give you a quick look. north 880 northbound, two lanes closed. expected to be closed for the rest of the evening until about 10:30 tonight. this is near 98th exit. so you might want to stay clear. full coverage for you at 11:00. ♪ have a good daisy
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